Monthly Support for Radio Calvario (Calvary Radio)

Radio Calvario is a radio station here in Nueva Guinea, Nicaragua that reaches all types of people including farmers, taxi drivers, and cattle drivers. The Radio reaches the town of Nueva Guinea which is over 100,000 people. Many of which do not know the Jesus or have fallen away from Jesus. The Radio touches people day and night.

One of the hardest jobs is working nights. Taxi drivers in the high humidity Nueva Guinea listen to the radio all night as they work and it becomes like AC for their souls. A former farmer and cowboy, Juanerge said I listen to it every night from 8pm to 5am. In the past we stayed at the farm he took care of for a youth retreat. The youth loved it! Others listen when they can't sleep in their homes as God's word and worship is transmitted throughout the night to thirsty hearers. "At midnight I will rise to give thanks unto you because of your righteous judgments." (Psalms 119:62)  Men and women praise God at all hours of the day. Julio who works in the market said when the radio was out one day, "We need the radio." Marlin who sells snacks to the kids that come out of school said the same thing. Julio said, "I want to help in what ever way he could and he printed out free flyers for a radio event that we had. Are you helping in whatever way you can?

Sadly we have come close to the point where we may have to turn the radio off during the night. We are past due on the electric bill which was due the 25th of October. We are praying for people who can give monthly support for the radio station. With 35 people giving a minimum $20 a month we can keep the radio station on the air 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you can give U$50 that's only 14 supporters a month. Or U$100 that is only 7 supporters.

That is the minimum to support the radio station. If you cannot give look for someone who can. God loves a hilarious giver. If you can't give you can give with your time looking for someone that can give.

Pray God provides for this and consider giving and/or looking for someone to give.

In brotherly love,,

,Greg at Radio Calvario