Pray for the church in Nueva Guinea by name

Brother William will be in charge of getting the church involved with a new ministry this month - visiting those who are discouraged and those who have strayed in their walks. The list shows some of the leaders and those that need prayer

You can pray for them by name below.

Pastor Carlos and family - For spiritual strength and physical strength, knowledge and wisdom on how to guide the church. 

Greg - For physical and spiritual strength. For personal and church revival. Greg is the ministry administrator, works the radio, with youth, and worship.

Chavez Family - Pray for Hector, Deanna, and little Nahtanael for spiritual and physical strength. For knowledge and wisdom with the youth. Hector works with the youth, worship, teaches Wednesday night and Sunday night with the youth. Deanna serves in youth ministry and is a full-time mom. She also works in finances and does Calvary Cafe on Wednesday nights.

Angela - For encouragement, physical and spiritual strength. Angela does youth center, disciples Keity and Julissa, does Calvary Cafe on Sunday evenings, English class, and hospital ministry.

Nubia - For spiritual and physical strength, wisdom in her ministries. Nubia is a missionary here. She serves in the hospital ministry, market ministry, with the youth, and cafe ministries.

Bismarc - That God would provide for him financially. That he would have a secure place to sleep. He is an usher and does announcements at the church.

Jhonny - That God would help him to continue to grow in Jesus. Jhonny is an usher and does sound in the church.

Yeltsin -That he would not be distracted by the things of this world. For wisdom. Yeltsin serves as usher and in sound.

Katherine- That Katherine would not be distracted by the things of this world, especially other youth her age that walk after the things of the world. Pray she would continue to grow in Jesus and mature. Katherine serves in cafe, children's ministry, internship, and in worship.

Danny - A youth that does sound and worship. He is half way through inductive bible study and just 14 years old. Pray that he would have courage to stand for Jesus among other youth that make fun of God. That he would grow in the word becoming mature spiritually as God has many great things waiting for him.

Doña Carla - Danny's mom, pray for her faithfulness to come to service. And for encouragement. For her husband Leonardo's salvation. That her two older sons, Milton and Norlan, would return to Jesus.

Elmer - Youth who has walked away from the Lord.

Sister Linette - Came faithfully but hasn't been coming for some time

Abel and Keyling - Pray Jesus would be before their daily jobs.

Sister Jaqueline - encouragement

Sister Jaylin - encouragement

Noel and Duvan - two youths that received Jesus and were baptized. They have walked away. Pray that they would return to Jesus

Monica - Monica is an English teacher who visits occasionally. Pray for strength, healing, and encouragement.

Ignacio and Loubianca - That God would strengthen their marriage and prepare them for leadership

Diego and Glomar - That God would give them a servant's hearts and show them where to serve in church

Gilma and family - That Gilma would return to the Lord and train up her three daughters in the way of the Lord.

Vilma - That God would encourage her and her son. That her work wouldn't get in the way of her walk and that God would provide sufficiently to make that possible. That she would grow as she goes through discipleship with Gabriella.

Giovanni and Tanya - This couple has been together for many years. Pray that God would give them a heart to get married. That work would not get in the way of their walks with Jesus.

Julissa - Encouragement for her and her 2 kids. God would help her grow as she is going through discipleship with Angela.

Vladimir - That God would heal the broken relationships in his life. That he'd marry the person he's with or separate from her, as he lives with a lady and their kids. He lives 30 minutes away on bike.

Odanel - That he'd grow in the word. That God would choose who should disciple him.

Doña Petrona - Encouragement to be strong in Jesus and to come to service more.

Diomedes and Maria Lusia- Encouragement to be strong in Jesus and to come to service. They've grown cold and stopped coming.

Doña Juana - Encouragement to be strong in Jesus and to come to service more.

Moises Toruño and his parents - Moises studies English at the university, is an usher in the church, but gets distracted. Pray he is able take advantage of his time to seek Jesus. Pray for his parents who listen to the word but still haven't made a decision for Jesus.

Danilo - For his wife that is Catholic. He has the heart of giving and has given a cow for the church. Pray for his wife that that she would want to serve only Jesus like her husband.

Cinthya - A youth that received Jesus but is being pulled away by ungoldly friends. Pray that she would walk wisely in whom she chooses to be her friends.

Carmen and Julio - Spiritual growth

Doña Rosa - Spiritual growth

Doña Estela - Spiritual growth

Daniel and Nielka - That God would show them where they need to serve in the church and they would continue to grow in the Lord and not grow cold.

Don Lorenzo and family - For healing for Doña Esmerelda, Nubia's mom. She has severe pain in her arm and shoulder. For strength for Don Lorenzo and that he would grow in Jesus.