Little Believers

This morning I went to the school to give class, and on my way out I was stopped by a little girl that visits us frequently at the church here.  She and her family are also our neighbors and her sister and cousins have been part of the youth group here for years. Her name is Hermayoni and she is 4 yrs old. She was on her way home at the same time that she saw me walking out so she came up to me and said “I’m going with you!”  So, she held my hand and we walked home together. As we started walking, she told me of how her teacher taught her today about God. “My teacher told us that God created the birds. She said that God loves all of the kids”. I told her that was true and that God loves her. So we kept walking and she kept talking about Him and asking questions. She would say “Verdad que Dios creo el sol y la luna?” which means “Isn’t it true that God created the sun and the moon?”  I was so blessed because this little girl has gone through some stuff in her home that a little one at that age shouldn’t have to. I have seen her be badly treated, physically, and badly talked to by family…she’s only 4. I had been praying for Hermayoni and her sister Rebecca because they are two young girls that really need love. So, to hear her little voice talk about how she knows that God loves her and that He is our Creator just melted my heart. I know God is with her and I know seeds are being planted in her little heart. It wasn’t that she just said all of these things; it was the fact that she couldn’t stop talking about it. I don’t think I talked much in the 15 minutes that it took us to get home. She would get quiet, and then she would ask me another question about Him. God was on her heart and mind. Psalm 8:2 says “Out of the mouth of babes and nursing infants, You have ordained strength…” Even His little ones know who He is.