Abiding in the Lord

Pastor Carlos had mentioned to us about a young lady who he knows from the market place, who needed to be encouraged in the faith. She had expressed to him about wanting to visit our church, but hadn’t yet. He encouraged us to reach out to her any time that we would be passing through in the market. So just a few days ago as I was walking back home from the hospital, I was passing by the store where he told us that she worked at and stopped in to meet her. We had a nice talk for about thirty minutes or so. Her name is Julisa. She opened up about struggles in her walk. She has had a hard time staying faithful in her personal relationship with God, but she wants to really follow Him. She has been going through some tough trials, and knows that He is trying to get her attention. Thankfully, she seemed to be confident in His ability to get her through them. It is just a matter of her being constant, and being in fellowship with Him.  I got to share my own struggles and weaknesses with her. What is hard for her is not having support in her spiritual walk, not having someone help her up when she falls. She said that in the churches that she has visited, she didn’t get that. There was no fellowship no encouragement or closeness, it was just cold. So I invited her to come out to church this Sunday, and I am praying that she comes and that she feels comfortable and welcomed. Aside from coming to church, I did encourage her to stay in constant communication with the Lord; in the word and in prayer. She knows that giving Him her time is important. Pray that she finds rest in the Lord, and that she would be consistent.