An update on Anna, Elder’s sister

About two weeks ago, I got to take Anna out for a couple of hours to spend some time with her. God provided for her in a special way through a donation, so I was able to take her out for ice cream, some school supplies, and even a little something for her family. I tried to talk with her and asked how she was doing, but she seemed a little bit closed off, which I understood. I talked more with her mom Teresa and her aunt Fran, whoboth say that she is doing better, but still of course has some hard days. They sayshe plays a lot with younger cousins that she lives next to, and that she hides her feelings while she is having fun. Her mom also said that she has been the stronger one of the two because on those days when she is not able to cope, Anna will encourage her to be strong. Both Elder and Anna went to the same school, and during recess would hang out together. Now that Elder is not there, that time is difficult for her. One day Anna was so sure that she saw Elder at school, but it was a boy who looked just like him. He came right up to her classroom looking inside and she couldn’t stop staring at him. Thinking she saw him made her cry. Another time, she thought she kept hearing a teacher at school from a classroom down the hall calling Elder’s nameout loud. Later on she went to ask the teacher if she has a student named Elder in her class, and she said no. So, Anna has gone through a rough time in dealing with her brothers’ passing. She has started to come around again for youth center, but we haven’t seen her in church services. Overall, she seems to be doing ok on the outside, but we know that she is hurting still.
Please keep Anna and her family in your prayers.
Pray that the entire family would come to know Jesus personally through their difficult time. Pray also that He would heal their broken hearts and bind up their wounds