Katherine - A youth serving Christ

Hi All,

Katherine, one of our youth, helps out in youth center on Tuesdays. She has been part of this ministry for some time now, and I recently asked if she would share about it. Here is the translation of the letter she wrote:

“Each Tuesday I do youth center with the kids, and for me this small time is very appreciated.  I like to take advantage of it so that the boys and girls can learn to really love Jesus.  I have much desire to serve Jesus in this way, helping kids to be motivated in His ways.  It gives me joy to see the kids learn because many of them do not know how to pray or that God loves them.  Many of them have learned by now, and they like to listen to new Bible stories.  I feel joyful to be helping in kids ministry, but many times it is sad to see that after youth center, in their homes or in the park, some of the same kids say bad words and even drink and smoke because other youth offer it to them.  Many times it is because they do not live in a Christian environment, and their families let them roam around with kids that don’t have interest in Jesus.  This is why I feel happy during this time of youth center where I can help them the way God wants, and He wants us to be like children.  They always come happy to be in youth center playing and learning of Jesus.”

- Katherine