Growing Up in the Lord

This last Friday was the last day of school for most kids here in Nueva Guinea. They are out for their summer break. Summer begins from December until the rainy season in April. They go back to school in February.

The kids that I have been giving class to are going to be in the 6th grade. It is exciting because I have been giving most of them class since they were in the third grade. Three of them (Juan Carlos, Emily, and Marelin) I gave class to when they were in Kindergarten! Some of them have since switched to studying in the afternoon (12p-5p) as opposed to the morning turn (7am-12pm) which is when I go to the school. So, some of the students in my class now are new for me….but many of them I have come to know well over the past few years! It is great because I was not only able to present the Gospel to them, but also come back each year to keep teaching them about the Lord. This is what I appreciate about the school ministry!  Profesora Francisca has always allowed me to come back and teach in her class. As they get older, they will always remember what they learned in Bible class in elementary school. I can still remember when Llesner, who is now in 5th grade, told me when he was younger that he learned to pray when I started there to do class with them.  That blessed my heart so much! Next year may be my last year with them at Ruben Dario, and I really look forward to it.

Thank you for your prayers and for your support!

Please remember that giving financially towards missions has been what has helped me be able to be here and minister in this way to the kids of Nueva Guinea. Your donations, big or small, make a big difference in advancing kingdom work!

Much love, and God bless you all!


One student starts us out with prayer 

One student starts us out with prayer 

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