Sunday School

We continue to have a class full of kids on Sunday mornings which has been great, although there are days when only three or four kids come out. 

I never saw myself as a Sunday school teacher. Ever. But, I see the value and blessing in it now that I am older. As a young girl, I remember being in Sunday school myself, and how learning about the Lord brought light to my life since I grew up in a broken home. My mom teaching us the Bible and taking us to church are really some of the more wholesome memories that I have of my childhood. In the midst of craziness, being in Sunday school is where I sensed Jesus in my life and where I felt safety. 

Now as a Sunday school teacher myself, my heart grows for the kids God brings each morning, knowing that some of them experience the same difficulties in their homes, and need to know that God sees and knows them. I love for the classroom to be a warm, welcoming place for kids to come into, even just making it a point to acknowledge them by name. The Bible says in Psalm 92:13 that "Those who are planted in the house of the Lord will flourish in the courts of our God" Pray that as the kids come out each week, being planted in the Lord's house, they would flourish spiritually as they grow older! At the same time, pray for us teachers: Gabriela, Suyen, myself and Lucy, to be led by the Holy Spirit, and create a space for the kids to thrive in.