Teachable kids in the park!

As most of you know, during the day we have kids center from 2-4pm (12 and under), and on Friday nights it's youth center from 6-8pm (13 and older)

Well, last Friday night, no older girls came out for youth night. I thought I would go out to the park with a volleyball and see if I could find some to invite. As soon as I stepped out of the gate, little Sani and Loemaren ran up to greet me and find out why I was outside! These are the young girls that come during the day and they were out in the park playing with some other young kids there. So, I made my way out and couldn't find any older girls so I decided to just play with the kids that were there. It started out with a few, but then more came so we played volleyball. After, I took them to the pulperia to get some Taqueritos (their favorite spicy chips), and we sat on the park benches and read the parable of the pearl of great price. When we finished we sat on the grass together and were looking at the stars and the moon. Then they started asking all kinds of questions about their size, and why the sun and moon follow you. It was cute. I really prize these moments that I get with them!  Continue to pray for he kids in Nueva Guinea. A lot of them live in Catholic homes where they have Mary statues that their families (and some of them, even) pray to. Andy, another boy who comes regularly, was telling me that night that he prays to Mary. I told him that Jesus is the one who hears our prayers and answers them, not Mary. They have a lot of influences around them, so pray that God's truth would be what takes root in their hearts!

Sitting on grass.jpg