Jaqueline's progress

I thought I'd give you an update on Jaqueline. She is moving forward in her service and in her walk. We are continuing in the study of Calvary Chapel Distinctive's on  Saturday mornings. We always have a great session because she loves to talk about the way God is showing her truth in the solid teaching of His word; book by book, chapter by chapter, verse by verse. It's a stark contrast to how she learned to read/study the Bible at the churches she visited before. She has a lot of questions, too, and she is always glad and assured when she can get a clear answer from the Scriptures. 

In youth center, she is moving forward from an observer to a game-player! She gets right in there with the kids to play, which I let her know is what they love! Next week, she is going to prepare a devotional to do with them. I know I have mentioned it before, but she is sure that one of her gifts is teaching. Pray for God to continue to develop that gift in her, and that the Spirit would use it to the fullest for God's glory!