Judith Arteaga's trip to the "Pet's Hospital"

Thanks always to God, because He always has control of everything. 

My daughter Judith Arteaga who several years ago had a hip surgery has now had to go back for checkups to see how her bones have continued to develop. This last trip was at "Hospital La Mascota" or the Pets Hospital which is really a kids hospital not a pets. Upon arriving they changed our date so we have to come back 15 days later. The doctor that attends children was busy with surgery's and couldn't attend us. 

Leaving the hospital after breakfast a cousin of Gabriela came to bring us to his house where Gabriela aunt lives. In the house of Gabriela one of the children got sick with a strong pain in the kidney. We prayed for him, and he got better, after his brother took him to the hospital "Monolo Maarales," and I went with them. 

There I was able to to visit those that are sick with Cancer and Leukemia. I went to visit a boy called Rafael. And entering the room I could see the face of Ragael who looked very happy even though he had leukemia. His mom told us that he is Christian thanks to God and he has given his suffering to God. I went to encourage the boy talking to him about the love of God and the power of God and to let God do according to his will. Because many times we try to force God instead of waiting for his will, the boy expressed his wishes that he too only wanted to wait on the will of God because God is who really is in control of his life. After visiting with all the kids in the room and encouraging that to wait and trust in God the kids where all encouraged so I left. 

I am pleased with God because I got home to Nueva Guinea thanks to Him. I am excited to go and to finish the next doctor's appointment with Judit. 

God bless you, Thanks you all for your prayers and support. 

Pastor Carlos Arteaga