Nicaraguan Independence Day

As the Us has their independence day on July 4th. Nicaragua has theirs the 15 of September. This year we were blessed with Jose from Managua who came to visit and help out from Calvary Chapel Managua. For Independence day we all got up at 5 am and walked to get hornadas which are a corn breakfast food that is good to eat with coffee. They didn't have any coffee so we shared a 3 liter soda. On our way back we we stopped by to cool down at the river called the Verbena. 

We got back at 11:30 and were able than to help Milton and Danny with their roof. Here the tin roofs rust after some time. So we went up there with wire brushes the kind that people use to clean off their grills and helped them scrub all the rust off that roof which is the hardest part. It was a blessing to help them and show them the love of Jesus in a practical way. And they shall know that we are His disciples by the love that we have one for another! 

Today we too can celebrate independence day in remembering the day that God liberated us from sin in the Cross. The day Jesus had victory on the cross and how we can also have victory in Him. 

God bless you this independence day!