Real love is God’s love

Since Nubia is not here, I get to teach the girls tonight during youth center. The theme of the entire study is Christian Courtship or Noviazgo Cristiano. Tonight’s topic is “Obsessed with Love”. It’s an important topic, especially for the young girls today. They, being at that age, 15 and older, are curious about dating and boys, etc. Not to mention some are already experienced. I think they get impatient to have someone ‘love’ them and can be deceived easily, falling for whomever. So, the point of these studies is to teach them what real love is and isn’t. We want for the girls grow into godly young women who are confident in God’s love towards them first, and then trust patiently that He will provide for them in His time. I always feel especially protective of the girls because I know what they go through being influenced by the world and its pressures, and I know how much God wants to preserve them and love them. So far, the studies have been a blessing. The girls are always in tuned (of course!) and they always have questions which means they want to know what is right. God is at work, and He will bring the fruit.