Youth Night

Just finishing up youth center with a couple of older girls. Nubia is teaching the girls about Christian courtship. Without a doubt, it is one topic that the girls relate to. They are so young, and we know the temptations they face daily. They of course desire affection from guys, and are curious about relationships with them. One thing we constantly remind them of is their worth in the Lord because, when they know that they are loved and chosen as God's daughters, they wont seek that love in relationships that will leave them disappointed. Since it is very common here to see 12, 13, and 14 year old girls who are moms, teaching the girls about purity is really important.  So, we encourage the girls to open up to us without fear or reserve when they need to talk about boys and dating and all that those things entail. When they know that they can seek council without fear of being judged or criticized, they will be more likely to make better decisions. It has always been on my heart to council young girls about waiting on God for the person He has for them. In my  own  life, looking back on all  the  time I had been astray from God, I see where He protected me from certain guys and decisions that would have destroyed my life, because he had a better plan for me. If I had it my way, i wouldn't be where i am today. That makes me all the more eager to tell these girls how God already has their life planned out, if they would just trust Him and wait. We know that God is going to continue His work of love in each of the girls' lives. They already like this study, so we expect to see fruit!