Bible college!

Hi all!
I was really happy the other day when Greg told me about the Bible college starting up. I didn't remember until later, that that same morning I had been in prayer telling God how I want to grow to know Him and His word more. One verse in particular has ministered to me a lot. It is Proverb 19:2 "It is not good for a soul to be without knowledge..." I realize that there is so much to learn about God's word, who He is, and how He works. Since Pastor Leon is not here to teach as before, I didn't imagine the opportunity to take the courses would be possible any time soon, but here it is! I'm excited for this challenge, and I'm thankful for how God has used technology to provide for us. I think of how other missionaries in history had to rely upon regular mail to obtain any sort of educational material and/or letters from home. Sometimes it would take months for them to receive them. And here we are today with learning material readily available online, all the way out here in the mission field. I know that God has a purpose for taking these courses and I know that I will needed them for work that He has prepared for me in the future.

-Love and blessings to you all in Jesus!