Resting In Him


We are just finishing a long weekend with pastor Carlos' mom passing away,
women's ministry activities, the Christmas dinner for the church, and to
top it off an over-nighter with the youth where NO ONE SLEPT. No one has
had much time to stop and rest these past few days with so much going on so
we are taking advantage of today to unwind.The youth left at about 7am
this morning and instead of going to bed first, I decided to go right to my
morning devotion in one of my favorite spots outside with a cup of coffee
:) It was so quiet and so beautiful out that taking that time to meet with
the Lord was more refreshing and peaceful than had I gone straight sleep
(although I did go to sleep after). This view from our back porch is the
reason why it is one of my favorite spots. I could spend hours sitting out
here, and it makes for a perfect place to meet with Jesus :)