Fellowship Trip to San Juan

This last week, Nubia and I rode out with Katherine and Cynthia to a small town called San Juan. It took us about an hour and a half or so to get there. It's a beautiful ride, a few hills to get over but it is worth it. We had just decided the night before during youth center that we would go. We love bike rides! Of course we couldn't go all the way out there and not buy Hornadas. Hornadas are small corn baked goodies that are made with cheese. There are a variety, some made with molasses wich makes them salty AND sweet. Those are called "hojaldras," some people call them "viejitas" (old ladies). There are others which are ring shaped and salty, cheesy tasting. Nubia had brought a thermos with coffee, so after we bought our breakfast goodies, we went over to a local park and rested as we ate.Not to mention on the way back home, in passing by a family that Cynthia knows, we were invited in by them to fill up on water and more coffee! Here are some pics of the trip.

Love you all in Jesus!