Sunday School!

Here is a bit of an update on Natali, the young girl who comes to class every Sunday morning. She is the young girl who brought her book that the Jehova's witnesses gave to her. I had run in to her mom one day last week and she was telling me that the girls are always up and ready on their own to come to church. Their mom doesn't have to get them out of bed and drag them to services, rather they are the ones more than willing and happy to come. She also brought up the subject of the Jehovah's witnesses and the book they gave to her daughter, Natali,  saying "she loves to read that book, and it's ok that she reads  it, or if she is invited to the other churches because it's all of the same God". Unfortunately this is the mentality of many, many people here. I was able to explain to her that that was not necessarily true, and that the Bible is the inspired word of God (2 Tim 3:16) If we don't abide in it, we won't know what is truth.  Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. She let me know that they don't have a Bible with both testaments, just the NT. That is perfectly fine, but i ended up giving them an old and new testament Bible anyway. Jesus said to enter by the narrow gate, not the wide gate-Matt 7:13. Sadly many people hear and follow many different doctrines and believe that they all "lead to the same God anyway". This is why Nueva guinea needs much prayer. Satan would love to lead people away from the Truth.

Here are some pictures of Sunday morning class. You can see Natali here reading her Bible along with us during the lesson. To her left is her younger sister michell!