Kids Church by Candlelight and YC Girls

A couple of weeks ago the power went out during church service. It isn't often that it goes out during those times, but it does happen. This particular time, we were equipped with candle sticks and a flashlight in the classroom. And this is how the kids continued with their the candlelight.

It was funny because their lesson was on darkness and light....specifically about the eye being the lamp of the body. So, it was actually perfect timing for the power to go out and the kids enjoyed the rest of class without the lights anyway. 

Here is a picture of three of the young girls that come to Youth Center during the afternoons. From left is Vanessa, Marelin, and Hermayoni. Vanessa actually came back a week and a half ago from visiting family in Costa Rica. She was there for a little over a month. If you remember, I wrote about Hermayoni (far right) a long time ago, she is a precious young girl who is very aware of Jesus' love for her. At the same time she and Vanessa have a love hate relationship. If they come together, the come holding hands. It's sweet....until they get into a fight over the toys they are playing with. There's accusations, mean words, and eventually a complaint to me.  That of course is normal. Those are the opportunities that come that allow me to direct them to scripture and help them to apply it right to that situation; forgiveness, kindness and love. After a few minutes they are fine again. They are learning how to treat each other.

Younger kids don't always have permission to come, usually because of their parents' different faith. For a time Marelin wasn't aloud to come for church and youth center because her family has a catholic background. But, thankfully she has been able to join us again. She comes on some Sunday mornings, too.

God's work in the girls is evident. I trust that He is faithful to bring fruit from their lives.