Willing To Serve

Youth center on Tuesday afternoons.

This past week, I decided to take the girls up to the backyard of the facility to play for youth center. We had a small picnic too. I gave each girl a task in preparing and handing out the snacks and drink. The scripture that i read to them was from Mark 9:35 "those who desire to be great in the kingdom of God must be last of all and servant of all." So, i shared with them that it is important to be willing to serve, no matter what kind of task it is, big or small, even if it is handing out food. The good thing is, i didn't even have to ask them all to help, they were already willing and eager. After their treats, we played dodgeball and steal the bacon. It was a really fun afternoon with them. They loved it because it was something a little bit different and in a different spot on the facility. I am praying for new and creative ways to minister to them. Next week i might take them on an adventure walk!