New believers! Larri and Doña Tana

Hi everyone!

This past week was filled with a lot of activity and blessing, too. There has been an event everyday since Tuesday. Two weeknight services, a prayer service, a trip to the river for Good Friday, pig preparation, and finally Resurrection Day. During the service on Sunday evening, two people gave their life to Christ. One was a youth named Larri, who has started coming regularly just recently, although he used to come to youth center a couple of years ago. The other was Doña Tana. She is Elmer and Daniel's (youth boys') mom. She also has a daughter that visits another church, her name is Tanya and is Elmer and Daniel's sister. Since Tanya is a believer and we know their family, I like to visit with her and read/pray or just talk with her. She has told me how much she wants for her mom to know the Lord. She would tell me that she tries to read the Bible to her or pray with her, but that her mom never took it seriously. So, now that her mom has received Jesus, I am excited to see how her life changes. Larri and Doña Tana are two people to keep in prayer so that they might continue in the Lord and not grow weary. Our family in Christ is growing, thanks to Jesus!

Much love in Jesus' name,