Bible Week!

Today as part of the celebration of the Bible, "Dia de la Biblia", here in Nueva Guinea a radio station called Stereo Luz, or 'light', broadcasted the reading of the Bible by participants of various churches. Now, I have to be honest. When I was first asked to participate I hesitated because I felt nervous about talking on a microphone. But I felt horrible afterwards because I thought about all that has been happening to Christians in the middle east, and how just being a Christian is considered a major crime deserving of a horrible death. Most don't have the freedom that we do to own a Bible, let alone read it on loud speakers publicly, so to me turning down that opportunity seemed insane! So I decided to participate, and got to read five whole chapters from the book of Psalms and I'm happy that I did. It makes me appreciate our freedom here to share God's word. It's an eye opener. Please pray the His word can continue to run swiftly throughout Nueva Guinea!