Prayer Requests From The Little Ones

Yesterday morning I went to the school to give class to my preschool kids. Before I pray with them, sometimes I ask if they have specific requests. Well, yesterday about seven of them had the same requests for their parents. They all wanted to ask God to help their moms and dads stop lying and saying bad words. One little boy, Esneider, always tells me about how his dad drinks and gets drunk and calls him terrible names.  And another young girl asked for her mom to stop listening to worldly music. So, we prayed together.  I was sad for them because they were so genuinely burdened for their parents, and as a young girl I had some of the same burdens for my own parents so I know what they feel. At the same time I was really happy that they know truth! The parents of these kids are not all followers of Christ, but the kids know Him and know what does and doesn't please Him. God continues to show me fruit in this bunch of little ones and what I hope is that their light brings their families to Christ. Remember the kids in Nueva Guinea! God is doing a good work in and through them. Pray that God would give me wisdom to  teach them in the way they should go.

Love in Jesus,