Reaching the Youth of Neuva Guinea with Bethany and Alexis

This is a blog showing God's work with the youth of our zone shown through the lives of Bethany and Alexis, two missionary interns that are here to serve God for 2 months!

 Bethany and Alexis, two of our youth from CCSGV, have been here now for three weeks today. They have come a long way in their interaction with the young girls that come to the church. During youth center, they were playing the human knot, steal the bacon and dodge ball. They still have a ways to go with their Spanish, but at least they still get out there to interact. Their next challenge is communicating with the older girls, girls their age, which they seem to be more shy about. Beth and Alexis wrote Katherine letters and had me translate them for her. Katherine in turn wrote to them and I translated the same. That has been their way of opening up communication and it works.

They have continued to bless us with the small ways that they serve. They have a schedule that they stick to.  After lunches, they wash dishes (everyday). They help with youth center on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Thursday and Friday mornings they go with Nubia and I to the schools. Saturday is their day to sweep and mop the house and porches, and Sundays they cook together. Yesterday they made us popcorn chicken with baked potatoes and pineapple! Next week they want to make BBQ chicken pizza with cilantro. I had told Alexis that we didn't have the right kind of cheese right now to make pizza, and she replied "We don't need cheese. Just BBQ sauce, chicken and cilantro"......this should be interesting. Keep them in prayer for the rest of their time here. Pray that they may break out of their comfort zones and reach out to other youth so that they can have a richer experience while they are here.