Experiencing Nueva Guinea! A blog by Bethany Sanger and Alexis Montoya

Since I have been here I have gone to the school which was an experience in itself. The first time I went was with Nubia and I was helping the kids glue on eyes for their craft. I guess I forgot to help one girl, so she was telling me “La pega por favor” which means “the glue please”. Of course at the time I had no idea what that meant. So I was just sitting there holding the glue in my hand dumbfounded. Anyways, the little girl got her glue and I embarrassingly went on with my day.

                Besides going to the school every Thursday and Friday, we have youth center every Tuesday, Wednesday, and twice on Friday, once in the afternoon and once at night. Friday night youth is pretty fun because you get to see how they act and you realize how similar you are to them. Even though we could be living thousands of miles away and have totally different lives, a youth is still a youth. Being with them helps me realize how much friends can change how you act. It is pretty evident that friends play a pretty big part in your life, but it’s the friends you choose to hang out with that make the difference in how you go about your way. Another adventure is going to Pali, the grocery store. When I first went I dreaded the walk there, because I wasn’t used to the heat and humidity, or being stared at by everyone. When we finally arrived at Pali, I caught someone taking a picture of me, I also heard people saying “la gringa”. I guess it is not common to see a young girl with white skin, blond hair and blue eyes here in Nicaragua. My experiences here have been pretty exciting and eventful and there is still more to come.


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Since I have been here I have been to many different places. I’ve been to the market, the schools, to parks and to peoples’ houses to evangelize, and on Bible study nights. My time here has been exciting, interesting, and great, and I’ve made many memories. I’ve been learning more Spanish, it’s been going well. I’ve learned a lot more. I have also cooked. Bethany and I cook on Sundays, so we will be able to make different dishes when we get home. Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, there is youth center and Beth and I go play with the kids. They always want to ask us how to say things in English. They always have plenty of things to ask us and tell us, even if we don’t know what they are saying. They make you feel really comfy, real quick. Beth and I throughout the day are normally with Nathaniel and Lydia. Nathaniel is always running everywhere around. He definitely keeps you busy whether chasing him everywhere or playing with him. Lydia is normally always happy and has a smile on her face (unless she is tired). That little girl never stops moving. She always has her arms in the air and her legs kicking. She also keeps you busy just like her brother. My time here has been great, and it seems to be going by very quickly. I’m of course missing home and everybody, but I really enjoy being here.

From Alexis