Jacqueline's Walk

me and Jacqueline.jpg

Jacqueline has been coming for almost two years with her husband, Wilmer, and son Jonathan. She is fun, smart, and she LOVES Jesus. She and I connected right away, and always have a good time when we get together after church services, and/or outings and Bible studies. She loves being in God's word and sharing the things that He has shown her. So, that makes our get-togethers special......we love to share with each other! We like to meet up and go for coffee every now and again, although it has been a while since we have last gone

This same Jacqueline is the one who is helping me on Friday afternoons with youth center. She does a good job, and really is seeking to be used by the Lord how He desires. She believes she has the gift of teaching, so she has expressed wanting to teach in Sunday school class at some point, but would have to go through inductive Bible training first.

We are currently trying to decide which day of the week we can both set aside to go out evangelizing together, once or twice a month. It would be a good idea to help her along in sharing her faith,. When I asked her about it at first, she told me that she also had been thinking of asking me if I would be willing to do that with her. So, I look forward to seeing her growth there, also!

Please keep her in your prayers. She would love to serve more as God leads her. Pray that she would follow His leading and continue to grow in Him.