Laundry Room

Hello Everyone,

We recently came across a need for the laundry room here on the facility to be re-painted. The current paint is very old and is chipping and lot of it has fallen or is currently peeling off the walls. I have tried to clean the walls, but the paint comes right off onto the rags. It has a dingy, dirty look to it. As we anticipate hosting teams in the future, we would like for the laundry facility to be a fresh, welcoming area to be in when people need to do their laundry. To paint the walls and the cabinets it will cost $150. Please consider prayerfully giving towards this project. The sooner we can get it painted, the more prepared we will be for visitors at any time. We recently had a donation of U$100 thank you Jesus so just short U$50.

I included a picture of the colors that I thought would look nice!

God bless you, and thank you for supporting us!

If you are donating toward this project send a email to Greg letting him know so the funds are set apart correctly.