Discipleship Update

There is currently a line up of ladies who will be taking the discipleship class in upcoming weeks.  It has been exciting to grow in fellowship with the sisters here as we get together for Bible studies, or stay after services to talk and share with each other. Right now we are praying that these ladies grow in their relationship with Jesus, and grow in Knowledge of Him, and also as He leads, that they would serve Him. Between Gabriela, Sullen and myself, we'll get to teach either one or more of those sisters who are willing to take discipleship class.

Julipsi is a young girl who recently turned 14 years old. Gabriela spent the better part of last year taking her through the discipleship course. She completed three volumes and is now teaching two other young girls, Sherling and Melissa. It is awesome to see God using her as He is. Julipsi is serving in worship, and will also start helping in children's ministry this month with Karla. Katherine may also be giving this course with Giselle, another young girl. 


Please pray overall for each sister lined up for discipleship. Here are their names: Heydi, Carolina, Carmen, Jaqueline, Kenya, Mabel, Rafaela, Yanina, Estela and Giselle. Pray that they would hunger for God's truth, and that they would seek His face. Please pray for those of us that are giving discipleship classes, that God would give us His wisdom.