Meet Hilary!

Hilary and her family used to all come together for church about 4 or 5 years ago. Slowly, her family stopped coming, but Hilary and her little sister Gema would still come out when they could. Her family, being from a Catholic background, would go back to the Catholic church sometimes. It has been a couple of years since I have seen her mom, dad, and older sister Monica so I don't know where they are all at in their walk as of now. But Hilary has continued to come throughout the years; sometimes with Gema, and a lot of times without her. Yesterday she came to church and as always, I was glad to see her there with us.

I had asked how her family was doing, and she told me they were ok and they were at home. I asked about little Gema and she told me she didn't want to come. She told me “I told everyone 'Let's go to church', but they didn't want to, so I just came”. I can't tell you how that blessed my heart! She doesn't have anyone in her home that is encouraging her in the ways of the Lord, so I am always happy to see her and just love her. I do remind her to pray for her family, that God would draw them to Himself.

I ask your prayers for Hilary this week. That God's word would be hidden in her heart, and that she would grow in the truth of God's word and in Jesus, and not be confused by any wrong teachings from the influences of the Catholic church where her family is from.

Much love,