Discipleship with Jaqueline

Jaqueline and I just finished our second week in Calvary Chapel Distinctives class. She loves it so far, and it has only been one week! 

She is a lawyer and also a teacher at a college, so she can get pretty busy. During our last class, she explained that for a long time now this question comes to mind of “is this all there is? I should be doing something more in life, this can't be all.” She told me that she senses God's call on her life to serve in ministry. Currently she is on the roll sheet for church cleaning and is helping a lot at youth center. Being with the kids has been a challenge for her (in a good way) because working with the kids does require patience and energy. But even more important, it will hopefully cause her to press into the Lord more to depend on His Spirit's guidance and strength. She has been a great help there, and the young girls are growing more fond of her the more she comes around.

I love to spend time with her, and I love that she loves the Lord.

Please keep Jaqueline in prayer, specifically for:

-Growth and maturity in her relationship with the Lord

-That she would know that her strength and ability to serve comes from Him

-Continual hunger for the truth of God's word

-Direction for her life and how else God would like to use her