God's Love at Work in the Kids

During Sunday school class, I am going through the days of creation series. They are learning how God created all things so, I had made playdough for the kids to play with so that they could “create” what they wanted.

Well, I took the play dough out during a day of kids center and the kids loved it! While they didn't 'create' something new, they were more than excited to make tortillas, enchiladas, donuts and cakes! Sani and I made ourselves noses like Mrs. Potato head and the kids thought it was hilarious.

We had a good time and good laughs.

It is good to see Omar, Dona Karla's nephew, laughing more and enjoying kids center. Before, he was more anti-social and could not play peacefully with other kids at all. 

Read more about Omar and his brothers here : http://graceministriesint.com/angelas-blog/2017/10/2/change-in-eric-and-elias

But as he continues to come out we are given more and more opportunities to show him and others like him God's love for them, and in turn see how God brings about change in them.

Pray that we would work joyfully with them, loving on them, that they may know God's love in Jesus.