Kids Center Invites

On Tuesday Elisa, Vanessa, Loemaren and Angely went out with me to pass out Kids Center flyers to the kids in the surrounding area of our zone. They were shy at first, but then they started seeing some of their friends from school and got excited about it. It was a change from the routine, coming out to play and have our Bible lesson. Vanessa said it was the best day! I was glad to hear that. Our lesson for that day was when Jesus said to His first two disciples “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men” -Mathew 4:19.

God has been helping me to see some different ways to encourage the young kids to not only come and learn about Jesus themselves, but also to share what they know and/or invite other kids to learn about Him as well. Flyer distribution was a good start! What I loved most was that they asked for extra flyers to take with them to school the next day. Then they complained when I was only able to give them three each “Solo tres? Que poquito!” They wanted to hand out a bunch!

Since Tuesday was one of the hotter days this past week, we stopped for helados (frozen sweet milk with fruit flavor) and a bag of taqueritos (chips) from the pulperia. After that, they got to get wet with the hose for their time of play.

Keep kid’s center ministry in your prayers! Pray for these young girls to grow up to love and serve Jesus with all their hearts, and to bring others to know Him too!