Youth Staying the Course

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Sunday nights youth from 13-17 come aside to study with pastor Greg. While he's not here, I get to fill in with them. Some nights we have up to about five or six students, while other nights it might be three or four. Julipsi, Judith, Melissa, and Sherly are those that are there each Sunday...(I think the boys are waiting for pastor Greg to get back!) Ever and Elian come sometimes also. We're continuing in the book of Acts, now in chapter 17. I love, love working with these youth, and my heart is to encourage them to stay the course especially through these impressionable years of adolescence. 

I know when I was that age, I was easily swayed by all the distractions and temptations of life, and I hardly ever wanted to be in church. Now I know that I should have continued with the Lord. I ended up wasting time in the world. But even still, because of God's faithfulness to answer the prayers of my church family and my mom, I can serve Him now and encourage these youth to stay the course, and finish the race. 

Pray that the teenagers would be kept strong in the temptations that they face, that they would walk after the Spirit and serve the Lord with all their hearts. Pray that they would desire more of Jesus than anything they can find in the world!

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