Decisions for Christ!

Decisions for Jesus

This past month, Blanca made a decision to follow Jesus! She had been coming to church regularly, but had always put off making a commitment to Him. Two weeks ago, she finally did it and we are so proud of her! She now needs so much extra prayer for the journey that is ahead of her in the Lord. The ups and downs that will come, the hard days and trials that will test her faith. Please pray for solid and continual growth in the Lord. Since she accepted Him, she jumped right into helping however she can at church. She is studying nursing right now at the Huracan college.

Along with her, Katherine reconciled with the Lord the same day. She has had a lot of struggles, but sincerely wants to follow the Lord. Pray also for her that she would grow in a true relationship with Jesus! She has had health issues also, so pray that she would be healed and able-bodied to do what ever God calls her to.