Growing in Grace


Thursday night was our first get together for our study in Why Grace Changes Everything. Victoria and Jaqueline are coming out for this study.

After reading the first part called A Love Relationship With God, where pastor Chuck talks about how he used to try to relate to God through his works, both Victoria and Jaqueline expressed how they have felt the same way. Jaqueline even shared how she has believed before that if something bad were to happen to her or her family, sickness or something like that, she would immediately examine to see if she forgot to pray or spend time with God.  As if their well being and God's care for them depended on her works. Oh how I pray that God would breakdown any strongholds in their life, and that they would know His grace and grow in a love relationship with Him. 

Please continue to pray for their growth in the Lord, and for God to continue to reveal to them any ways that they seek to relate to Him through their works. Pray that they would be set free!